The iPad: An Extremely Useful Device for Profs

I got my iPad about three weeks ago and this thing has changed how I use both my MacBook Pro and my iPhone. First, I am using my iPhone a lot less than I did PiP (Pre-iPad). I don’t play games much, but when I do, I am playing them on the iPad. I used to use my iPhone a lot for stuff like Twitter, reading news, and keeping up with RSS feeds — not any more — it’s all done on the iPad. When I need to quickly look something up, I used to head for the iPhone — again, not any more. I rarely check email on my iPhone any more and I am taking care of a huge amount of the email I get on the iPad.

I am also finding that the iPad is the perfect device for taking notes at meetings and for making lists. With Simplenote and its ability to use the cloud to sync between my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, I also have my lists and notes with me and I can always edit them, no matter which device is at hand.

As a device for, as they say, consuming content, it has no peer. Reading books, surfing the web, watching video (on Netflix, ABC, and via downloaded content from iTunes), and reading magazines is immersive. It’s hard to describe how cool it is not to have that keyboard between you and the content.

The bottom line: this thing really is a new paradigm in computing.

Footnote: Some Essential Apps

In no particular order:

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite apps I have overlooked.

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